Our team of professionals will guide you, make suggestions and offer advice but ultimately the choice is yours. Once the decision is made, trust us to design and implement a garden that suits your needs, meeting all your hopes and expectations. We go out of our way to create the ideal image you have in your head which is why the initial briefing and consultation before the commencement of a contract is in-depth and vital to the completion of a successful project.

It is vital to consider what you would like to achieve from your landscaped garden. There are many themes, and combination of themes, that are available to you.

The final framing and beautification of your home is achieved by the addition of a well designed garden.

We feel that a well designed garden should accomplish the following list of achievements:

• Compliment and enhance the style or character of your home.
• Fit your lifestyle needs. (with the possibility to adapt, as these change)
• Be beautiful at any time of the year.
• Fit your maintenance capacity.
• Provide ease of access and flow.
• Provide endless enjoyment, tranquility and satisfaction.